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Yamaha C1X SH3 Silent Grand Piano


Yamaha Silent Grand Piano C1X SH3

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Yamaha's uncompromising insistence on superb sound and resonance, available at at price suitable for smaller budgets. Silencing system has been added to this GB1K. This is an SC3 type SILENT Piano.

SILENT pianos are genuine acoustic pianos equipped with Yamaha's advanced silencing technology. When the keys are played in SILENT Mode, the hammers are stopped immediately before striking the strings so that the piano itself generates no sound. Sensors installed below the keys decipher how the keys are played and relay the data to the digital tone generator, which generates sampled sounds that can be heard through a pair of headphones. By allowing players to play a true acoustic piano sound under normal circumstances, or to put on headphones and play in SILENT Mode avoid disturbing others, SILENT Piano makes any time a good time to sit down at the piano. 

Simply play your acoustic piano

At its heart, the SILENT Piano is a genuine acoustic instrument. For more than a century, Yamaha has crafted pianos that inspire players to develop and express themselves, mirroring their thoughts and feelings with rich sound and reliable quality.

Play silently with headphones

SILENT pianos are also equipped with SILENT Mode, where you can plug in headphones to enjoy realistic sounds any time without disturbing other - or others disturbing you.

Download the Smart Pianist app

SILENT Pianos are equipped with Bluetooth MIDI. Download the Smart Pianist app on your smart device and connect wirelessly to you SILENT Piano to enjoy simple, intuitive control of your instrument's features. 

Expand your horizons with new instrument sounds

More than just a piano, this remarkable instrument also has different instrument sounds, including electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, and choir. Select your favourite sound to match the style of music you want to play and prepare to be inspired.

Features Shared by the TransAcoustic Piano and SILENT Piano

Articulation Sensor System: Both TransAcoustic and SILENT pianos feature Yamaha's newly developed Articulation Sensor System, which accurately interprets how actual pianos respond to the movements of pianists' fingers, which are relayed from the keys through the action, causing the hammers to strike the strings. With Yamaha's proprietary algorithm, the system delivers high-precision simulations of the movements of the hammers that the moment they strike the strings, reproducing every piano sound exactly the way the player intended. These sensors are non-contact, so they do not impact the feel of the piano.

Grand pianos feature sensors on the hammers for more accurately detecting and deciphering a wider range of key motion (eg. slow keystrokes, quick trills) when the hammers actually strike the strings. Like the key sensors, the hammer sensor are non-contact, so they do not impact the touch of the piano.

Grand Expression Modeling: Grand Expression Modeling is a new feature that faithfully reproduces the tonal variation originating from the inner workings of the piano, such as the way the hammers strike and the dampers contact the strings in response to the player's touch. This feature detects the force and acceleration of the keystrokes and changes the audio output accordingly in real time, providing the player with the ability to explore subtle tonal nuances, even in TransAcoustic or SILENT mode.

Virtual Resonance Modeling: One of the great allures of the grand piano is the sympathetic resonance created by the vibration of the entire instrument. Yamaha's further advanced Virtual Resonance Modeling technology elaborately reproduces this rich sympathetic resonance. This technology makes it possible to create richly varied tones by adding sympathetic tones that correspond to the timing and intensity of keystrokes and pedaling to the complex, varied sympathetic tones created when the vibrations of the strings are propagated to the other strings and the soundboard.  Virtual Resonance Modeling even replicated the sounds the damper makes when they are lifted off the strings, along with the resonance of the aliquot stringing, string, soundboard, and case. Experience the deep, dynamic resonance that originates from the case of the piano.

Add pizazz to your playing: Equipped with 20 different rhythm types that provide automatic accompaniment with drums and bass.

Two Recording Functions: 

[Built-in recording function for checking immediately after playing]

Equipped with a built-in recording function for recording at the touch of a button.

[USB flash drive recording to data for computer playback]

A function for recording to a USB flash drive. This function creates audio files that can be saved or played back on computers of burned onto CDs. Recordings are saved in WAV format.

Available in 5 Finishes:

  • Polished Ebony
  • Polished Mahogany
  • Satin American Walnut
  • Satin Ebony
  • Polished White
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