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Yamaha YCB623 Professional C Tuba


Yamaha Professional C Tuba YCB623S

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Body Design: Every aspect of this tuba has been refined to achieve the finest tone and playability. From the figure of the tubes to material thickness, every detail of conventional tuba design has been reexamined and refined to achieve a new level of Yamaha tuba performance.

Variations in tube thickness and curvature have been made as smooth as possible, and the straightest, simple coiling has been adopted to ensure smooth breath flow as well as fast response and gloriously rich tone.

The YCB-623 delivers consistent sound quality throughout its range, making ideal for orchestra playing while minimizing stress on the player.

Floating Leadpipe: The instrument's "floating" leadpipe is not soldered to the bell, leaving the bell free to resonate naturally and contribute to fast.

The leadpipe angle and overall body layout have also been revised so that the instrument can be held comfortably with the left arm while the right-hand fingers easily reach the valve buttons. No unnecessary stress is placed on the body so that breathing is much smoother and easier than with less refined designs.

Multi Shank Receiver: The mouthpiece receiver is a unique design that accepts American and European shank mouthpieces without the need for an adapter.

* the player can use their favourite mouthpieces without having to worry about compatibility.

* Compatibility will all mouthpieces from manufacturers other than Yamaha is not guaranteed.

Thin Material Body: Body material thickness from the bell to the top bow has been made thinner than normal to improve response and tone.

*Because a thinner material has been adopted in order to achieve the desired response and tone, the instrument must be handled with care.

Flat Bottom Bow Guard (Plate): By making the bottom bow guard plate flat the player can more easily feel the instruments resonance via the thighs, and less thigh discomfort results from holding the instrument for long periods of time. The reinforcement plate is also wider than normal, more effectively protecting the instrument against impact. 

*Because thinner material has been adopted in order to achieve the desired response and tone, the instrument must be handled with care.

3rd Valve Water Key: A water key has been provided in the 3rd valve bypass tube to facilitate quick drainage while playing. This eliminates the need to place the instrument on the floor and remove the 3rd slide, allowing the player to focus on the music and perform with confidence.

Secondary Main Tuning Slide: The YBB-623 and YCB-623S are the first tubas in the world to provide a Secondary main tuning slide. This provide a greater tuning range, and solves a number of common problems such as extending the main slide too far in summer temperatures causing it to fall, or the pitch being too low and out of adjustment range in the winter months. The Secondary main tuning slide can be adjusted while playing, and it is possible to make fine pitch adjustments when no valves are pressed.

Adjustable Thumb Ring: An adjustable thumb ring provides maximum holding comfort and fingering freedom. The thumb ring is larger and can be adjusted over a wider range than previous models. It can be positioned at the ideal height and angle for the individual player. A large, heavy-duty base and screw ensure maximum durability.

Metal Valve Buttons: These large, contoured valve buttons provide a fitted feel for smooth, effortless valve operation. The valves are also laid out to match the curve of the player's hand, minimizing stress on the arms and body.

Vented Pistons: Vent holes in the pistons keep pressure in the tubing constant so that the instrument's tuning slides can be operated smoothly without having to press the pistons, making it easier to make fine tuning slide adjustments while playing.

Low-resilience Pads: The piston pads are the same red low-resilience pads that are a popular feature on Yamaha custom tubas. The pads contribute to a smooth playing feel as well as clear transitions between notes.

Supplied Mouthpieces (BB-69D2): A new mouthpiece designed especially for the YBB/YCB-623 features a gently curved funnel-shaped interior and a deep cup for symphonic tone. 

A relatively thin rim combined with a throat that is not overly large provides easy control even with a large tuba, while reduced body weight enhances efficiency and response.


Key: C

Body: Yellow brass

Bell Diameter: 476 mm (18.7")

Bore Size: 19.0 mm (0.748"), V: 19.5 mm (0.768")

Height: 4 front pistons + 1 rotary (4/3 tone, right-hand operation)

Finish: Clear lacquer

Mouthpiece: BB-69D2

Case: Included

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