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Canada’s Best Band Instrument Rent/Rent To Own Program Over 90 years experience creating the best rent/rent to own program in Canada. Choose between affordable new and used programs featuring Canada’s top brands like Yamaha, Accent, Bach, and Selmer.
Benefits of Renting To Own:


Pride of Ownership

Why rent when your rental payments can go towards ownership. Once all payments for the full purchase term are completed, you automatically assume ownership of the instrument.


Top Brand Name Instruments

Only the best for our Rent to Own customers featuring Yamaha #1 choice of music educators in Canada.  We also offer other top names like Bach, Selmer, and Accent.


Early Buy Out Option

You have discovered that this is the instrument for you and it’s great that your monthly rental payments have gone towards ownership. Simply call or visit your St. John’s Music location to find out your early buy out option.


Affordable monthly payments for our two programs conveniently set up for pre authorized payments from your VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Choose From The Following Programs


Monthly Rent to Own rate – Brand New Instruments featuring Yamaha top quality instruments.


Premium Used

Monthly Rent to Own rate – Great Quality Used Instruments that have been cleaned and serviced by our in store repair departments.



Monthly Rent to Own rate – Older used Instruments that have been cleaned and serviced by our in-store repair departments.

St. John’s Music Checklist

Enhanced Maintenance Plan

 For only $4.50 per month we give you complete “peace of mind.” This package covers all maintenance or accidental damage of the instrument plus our no deductible insurance against loss due to fire or theft. Willful damage excluded. If damage occurs our stores feature an in store repair and maintenance department designed to have your instruments back in your hands quickly and ready to play.

St. John’s Music Starter Kit

Save money on the essential supplies you need. Includes a care kit, featuring all the essential maintenance supplies needed to keep the instrument clean and in top play condition, as well as a quality folding music stand.

Method Books

 Ensure you are ready to go with a how to play, method book specifically for your instrument. Call for rent/rent to own options. By ordering this instrument you are agreeing to the terms and conditions

We require a VISA/Mastercard/American Express, driver’s license, and email for all rentals agreements. Here is a link to the terms and conditions.

Download Manual Application Forms In Different Languages:

Punjabi, Mandarin, Tagalog, English

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the advantage of going with a new instrument?

Most customers will prefer an instrument that has never been blown in by another player. The new instrument will not show blemishes which comes with a used instrument. New band instruments from a reputible manufacturer have a good resale value.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Not a problem. We can do monthly auto payments from a VOID cheque however we will have to conduct a credit check which will have to be approved by the store manager. Should any concerns arrise the store manager will consult you on your options and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today.

Can my child change instruments?

Yes, but you will need to consult with the band director prior to any instrument switches to make sure you find the right instrument for your young musician.

How much is an instrument worth?

Each instrument has a value that we can provide you upon request. Beginner instrument pricing is unavailable online. Contact us.

What do I do if my child loses their instrument?

Lost instruments can happen. The Enhanced Maintenance Plan has insurance to give you “peace of mind.” We treat lost instruments as stolen so we will require a police report to replace the instrument.

Instrument Rental Info

Deciding What Instrument To Play

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