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Four Reasons to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument can be challenging and difficult just like any skill but the rewards seem to be never ending.


  • You can play an instrument anywhere with anyone at any age.  Working as a team to bring a piece of music to life or collaborate with other musicians to create new sounds and expand your musical dimensions.


  • Just like most art forms, music starts with a blank canvas until the musician brushes on the notes and chooses sounds from a variety of colorful tones.


  • Playing an instrument can transport your feelings through music.  That’s why we have songs that sound happy, sad, angry, or chaotic.  Pick an emotion and it can be played through any instrument. 


  • A workout for the brain.  Not only are you actively listening to your sound and the others playing around you but you need to be coordinated with your breathe and/or fingering to produce the perfect tone on time.