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Considering moving on from your student instrument, but aren’t sure whether it’s the right move? 

6 Signs That You’re Ready To Take It To The Next Level:

1. You Love Playing – whether you crave to perform on a regular basis or just enjoy practicing in your room, you feel really happy when you have your instrument in your hands.

2. You’re Struggling – your instrument has seen better days and is constantly needing repairs and tune-ups.  Even though you love its “character”, a new instrument will help you get past your struggles, and will give you more confidence in your playing.

3. You’re Looking for More Challenge – music repertoire is written at different grade levels.  The reason manufacturers make pro and intermediate instruments is to facilitate musicians through more challenging pieces of music.

4. You Love Discovering Other Genres of Music – Orchestra, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Brass Band or whatever you are into.  There are many instruments designed specifically for certain genres of music. 

5. You’re Part of the Band – you want to help the band get to the next level. 

6. You Like to Have Fun – when making music brings a smile to your face, you want to play more often.  Having a new instrument will make it even more enjoyable!