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Fender Electric Guitars

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical impulses. The signal is sent to a guitar amplifier through a cable or wireless system. Electric guitar design and construction varies greatly as to the shape of the body, and configuration of the neck, bridge, and pickups. Let SJM Guitars help you find the guitar(s) that is perfect for you. SJM Guitars stocks FenderSquierYamahaGretschESP/LTD, and Jackson

Electric Guitar


There are several styles and shapes to choose from.  Here are some of the more popular electric guitar body styles.



When many people think of an electric guitar, this is the one that leaps to mind. The Stratocaster is an archetypal instrument—among the world’s most popular guitars and an elegantly versatile creation.



The rich history of Fender guitars begins with the Telecaster. An indispensable workhorse instrument, it endures remarkably unchanged as a marvel of elegantly simple form and solidly utilitarian function.



A solid-body electric guitar model that was introduced in 1961 (as the Gibson Les Paul) by Gibson, and remains in production today with many variations and versions of the initial design available. Available at 53rd Street Music.



A solid body electric guitar that was first sold in 1952. The Les Paul was designed by Ted McCarty who later enlisted popular guitarist Les Paul, to endorse the new model. 


Alone among Fender’s four main guitar models, the chromed-out, switched-bedecked Jaguar is a child of the ’60s rather than the ’50s. Originally intended as the top-of-the-line guitar, it has traveled its own unexpectedly remarkable path, from waves of surf and instrumental rock in the ’60s to snarling punk and angular post-punk in the ’70s and ’80s to legions of devotees in many genres and subgenres from the ’90s onward.


Short-scale student models have always had a special place in the Fender lineup, none more so than the Mustang. Introduced in the mid 1960s for beginners, it nonetheless found its way into pro hands many times as a small instrument with a big sound and an identity all its own. It’s still a spirited and distinctive guitar today, available in several models offering everything from vintage-style authenticity to hot-rodded modern mojo.


The V guitar designs were meant to add a more futuristic aspect to the guitar market, but originally did not sell well. After some refinements to the initial design, guitarists who were in search of a distinctive looking guitar with a powerful sound started using the V style guitars.

Hollow Body

The hollow body or semi-acoustic first appeared in the 1930’s. Originally used by jazz musicians because of its clean and warm tones, the hollow body is now used in several different music genres.


There are two main pickup constructions – single coil and humbucker.


Humbucker pickups are essentially two single coil pickups that share a large magnet. These pickups use magnetized screws and two coils of wire wound the opposite direction to cancel out hum found traditionally in single coil pickups’ sound. This technique gives the pickups a warm dark tone.

Single Coil

Single coil pickups are very popular even though they tend to generate a hum. However, the sound of a single coil pickup can range from the strong, fat midrange sound to the bright, clear tone that doesn’t sound compressed.


We have all the right brands to get you on the road to the stage. Take a look at the models we carry and come try one out in the showroom.


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock ‘n’ roll. Iconic Fender® instruments such as the Telecaster® and Stratocaster® are known worldwide.


Yamaha, a company that is known for having an extensive broad range of products, from motorcycles to musical instruments, has produced quality, innovative electric guitars models since the 60’s. These guitars are a hidden gem full of value.


Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional audio equipment.
Players can expect an iconic design with its own unique flair with leading technology.


What do a pop-punk group, country icon, and Irish rock band have in common? While we’re not entirely sure, we do know they all use Gretsch. The Sound of Honor. The Gretsch Electromatic® Collection gives you essential Gretsch power, style and performance. These are the guitars that will get you to the big stage — Play Proud.


When Squier versions of the Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars appeared, demand for them as the “official” cost-conscious alternatives was immediate, and a brand name was reborn.
The Squire guitars’ main focus and most successful approach has always been to be the “value brand” alternative to its big brother, Fender.


Since 1975, ESP has created numerous iconic instruments for legendary players spanning every genre of music. Their decades of experience in the design and manufacture of guitars and basses has allowed them to provide the very best options for you as a player.


Keep your electric guitar in pristine condition with proper maintenance. Nothing destroys the value and sound of an electric guitar like neglect. Take care of your baby and she’ll take care of you.

Choosing The Right Gauge of String

String gauge for a guitar is personal preference. However if you have never bought new strings before it may be difficult to decide which ones to get. There are three basic gauges to choose from: Light, Medium Light and Medium. Light strings are good for soloists who like to bend there notes or finger style playing. Medium Light is the most common. Most manufacturers will string there guitars with Medium Light strings. Medium gauge strings are good for players who play a lot of chords or heavier music.


The number of times a player restrings their guitar is a personal preference. If you have never restrung your guitar, just bring it on by the store and let us show you how to do it.

Set Ups and Repairs

Buzzing, sharp frets, or in need of some TLC? St. John’s Music can get your guitar rockin’ again.