Bass Guitar

Take the Bass for a Walk

The bass guitar is similar in appearance to the electric guitar but with a longer neck and scale length. The four string bass is the most common. The bass guitar will need a bass amplifier to be plugged into for live performances and practices. SJM Guitars stocks YamahaSquier, and Fender bass guitars.

Bass Guitar


Get the best brands in the world of bass. One lick and you’ll be breaking windows around the block.


When Squier versions of the Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® guitars appeared, demand for them as the “official” cost-conscious alternatives was immediate, and a brand name was reborn. To maintain and control costs over the years, Squier instruments have been produced in several nations, including Japan, Korea, India, China, Indonesia and Mexico. While the brand has produced its share of innovative designs over the past 25 years, its main focus and most successful approach has always been to be the “value brand” alternative to its big brother, Fender.


You’re the bedrock of your music. The foundation. The fundamental. The link. You need an instrument with the strength and power to perform. An instrument that gives you the freedom to innovate, to create and push the boundaries. You need a Yamaha Bass!


Pure and powerful the Fender electric bass started it all. Fender’s first bass guitar was the world’s first bass guitar. Since 1946, Fender is the most recognized name in guitars and basses.