Classroom Music

For Teaching the Love of Music to an Early Age

Teaching students how to play music is one of the most important jobs in the education system. Students have been proven to have improved skills in many areas including language and reasoning, after immersion in music.

Many students who learn to play instruments have increased academic performance, and that means you should provide them with top-notch equipment.

Everything you need to get your classroom music program going. Musicals, Ukuleles, Orff, Elementary Percussion, Recorders, and Resources.

Classroom Instruments

Teacher Resources

Resources for all your music programs. From ukulele to orff programs to musical posters to music games. Available through our stores or online. St. John’s Music has everything you need to be a success in the music classroom.

Orff Programs

The quality of the instruments chosen for an Orff program has the opportunity to bless or curse a music program for many years. With proper care and the purchase of top brands like Studio 49 they can last up to 50 years from now.

Ukulele and Recorder

We can provide direction and support to a means of creating a strong music program that is accessible to most young people. Ukuleles and recorder ensembles provide a great option to get middle year students learning about music.

Musicals and Revues

Over 150 Musicals for middle schools and junior high schools to choose from including a selection of holiday musicals. St. John’s Music can also assist with microphones, stands, cables and more to make your show a success.

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