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Buying a Yamaha Clavinova Piano

Posted on2 Years ago

Guide to Buying Yamaha Clavinova Piano

Whether you've been a dedicated musician for years or you are new to the world of piano playing, buying a new piano is never an easy task. We always have so many aspects to consider when you are looking to buy piano. We must master a vast number of details like size, texture, sound, and design. Yamaha has established a tradition of flawless instruments, ranging from sophisticated concert pianos crafted for authentic professionals across the globe, to digital Clavinovas that are an ideal choice for all piano players. Yamaha Clavinova pianos are today regarded as one of the highest quality instruments in the world, with a sound that is always impressive and have an amazingly accurate grand-piano feel. Over the years the popular Yamaha Clavinova CVP 309 and Yamaha Clavinova CLP430 models broke ground for today’s flagship Yamaha Clavinova CLP 785 and Yamaha Clavinova CVP 809. Yamaha has been making outstanding grand pianos since 1902, which qualifies them to build the finest and most authentic digital piano ever, and that is the Yamaha Clavinova.

Here's why, if you want to feel the absolute thrill of playing the ideal piano, you should go no farther than the Yamaha Clavinova.

Why is the Yamaha Clavinova Piano such a good choice for performers of all levels?

The Yamaha Clavinova is a music-making show stopper for several reasons, the most important of which is that it provides us with the realistic sound of some of the world's best and most glamorous concert pianos, as well as amazing innovations that give a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime experience while playing. Yamaha Clavinova is a product of Yamaha's qualifications gained over 120 years of perfecting pianos, and it currently represents the most unique line of digital instruments that are entirely proficient in all solutions and technologies supplied to its players. The Yamaha Clavinova is the ideal choice for players of all levels of training and expertise because, in addition to its complete functionality, it gives us the sensation of playing a real concert piano thanks to its delicate but influential sound, in most cases natural wood keys that do not require strong pressure during touch playing, and dimensional classification for the added effect of realism.

The Yamaha Clavinova Piano includes a multitude of up-to-date technologies and features that give us a unique and very special experience when playing, but the following are some of the most significant ones:

• While playing, you may pick from a variety of instrument tones, including bass, percussion, guitar, and so on.

• More performing genres to choose from, including modern sound, rhythm and blues, retro, unplugged, and plenty of others.

• You may record your performance and listen to it whenever you want with the built-in audio recorder.

• You have the possibility of utilizing the customizable metronome to learn how to play rhythmically accurately or to rehearse some of classical music's most difficult masterpieces.

• Headset outputs for producing and listening to music more privately and discretely.

• The Yamaha Clavinova provides the same sensation and touch as an authentic acoustic piano. • There are no sound adjustments, tuning, or corrections required with any Yamaha Clavinova series.

• It features three pedals that sound like those on a real concert piano and don't require any stronger force when playing. • Beautiful form and highly sophisticated style that blends nicely with any home's interior décor.

• Yamaha created a variety of Clavinova series with a wide range of colors, sizes, design styles, and functionalities to pick from, ensuring that we can always discover a fully customized Yamaha Clavinova that will exceed all our expectations when playing it.

Clavinova CL725

Why should you think about the Yamaha CLP Clavinova series as your best solution?

While any Yamaha Clavinova is likely to be a good choice, the Yamaha CLP Clavinova series is currently a popular choice for all players out there. Because of its wonderful sound, the CLP Clavinovas have been at the core of Yamaha's innovation, achievement, and greatness in the piano business for years. Starting with the popular Yamaha Clavinova CLP 309, it has evolved to offer a full line up including the flagship Yamaha Clavinova CLP 785. This Clavinova crosses the barrier among acoustic and electronic pianos, providing a genuine encounter that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP series has the sensitivity of a ceremonial grand piano, and while playing it you'll notice balanced and superb keys that mimic the realistic touch, and smooth key rebound of a grand piano whilst preserving the hues and subtlety. The Clavinovas of the CLP series is a wonderful choice for all musicians who respect the quality of pedal responsiveness, the clarity, and integrity of the sound generated by the Clavinovas keys, the instrument's lightness, and its playability.

The CLP Clavinovas let you enjoy a wide spectrum of expressiveness with reverberation and tone modulation akin to that of a grand piano. The keyboard, for example, authentically replies to the player's contact to create a sensation similar to that of a true concert piano, and a wide color palette guarantees that your piano will always complement your room decor.

The following are some of the most notable attributes and qualities of Clavinova models from the CLP series:

• Because the CLP Clavinova's keys provide great composure, softness, and balanced sound responsiveness, pianists have more power overplaying and touching them.

• High-quality keys that vary in materials and forms across the CLP series enable solid playing without sliding your hands on the keyboard or accidentally hitting any undesirable tones while playing. Synthetic ivory and ebony in black or white are commonly used as keyboard materials.

• Clavinova's CLP series keys feature a wooden-like texture that generates a sound that is most comparable to that of an acoustic, or grand concert piano, providing the pianist with a remarkable playing experience.

• The entire design of the CLP Clavinova is established to give the pianist an authentic feeling while playing, and on certain CLP models, all unneeded components on Clavinova that would be in the pianist's visual field have been excluded to give musicians a natural experience of sitting at an acoustic piano or playing at a true piano live performance.

• Complete keyboard imitates the sound of real acoustic pianos, which have a heavier, more powerful sound at lower octaves and a sweeter, more expressive tone at higher octaves. This provides the players a unique experience of playing a professional piano and makes learning to play the piano or practice previously taught skills and methods much easier.

• Acoustic Enhancer is a function found on Yamaha Clavinovas in the CLP series that practically modifies the acoustic flow utilizing a unique style and placement within the instrument. While playing, this modulates resonance and enhances the overall sound of Clavinovas.

• The constructed stereo sound system on CLP Clavinova models may be customized to the player's tastes and interests, providing powerful and satisfying music while playing. Yamaha CLP Clavinovas automatically alter the bass and tempo balance, allowing pianists to perform with more control and to improve skill perception.

• Aside from the CLP series Clavinovas' Smart acoustic control, these models also have a standard USB connector for connecting the Clavinovas to mobile devices, which may be a tremendous source of inspiration, creativity, and efficiency when playing. In this method, beginning pianists may combine their creativity with education, making learning and practicing easier while still having fun.

• Another unique feature of Yamaha's digital instruments, particularly the CLP series Clavinovas, is the stereophonic enhancer, which lets you perform and listen to compositions using headphones, making the whole piano-playing experience more quiet, personal, and utterly creative. The melody of the piano can be interpreted to originate from the instrument's structure instead of the headphones in this intimate listening environment, giving the players a more genuine and natural sensation.

• To make our playing experience even more exciting and creative, all Yamaha Clavinova models in the CLP series provide a wide range of different tunes to pick from when playing. Vintage and jazz music, orchestral music, acoustical tones, varied rhythmic settings, and other sounds are among them. We may pick from a variety of playing styles and a huge number of piano voices, as well as numerous settings to play in, such as dual-mode, double-voice mode, divided mode, and others, allowing us to play alone or with a partner.

Overall, you can't go wrong with any of the Yamaha Clavinova lines. If you want to buy a piano, these Yamaha models are the best choice for you, regardless of your skill level, because they provide quality and uniqueness to all pianists, from beginners to pros. Yamaha Clavinovas provide timeless classics in a modern form, a distinctive sound that rivals that of professional grand pianos, simplicity of touch and usage. Feel like a professional pianist in the comfort of your own home, with an unparalleled experience of playing Yamaha Clavinovas that will permanently shift your perspective on pianos.

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