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Orange Mini Guitar Head Amp and Cabinet

MD20 Micro Dark 20 Watt Mini Hybrid Guitar Head and PPC108 Micro Terror Cabinet - Black

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MD20 Micro Dark Head

Building on the success of the acclaimed Dark Terror and Dual Dark amps, Orange introduces their new pint-sized valve hybrid head - the Micro Dark. The Micro Dark brings the same intuitive Shape control combined with a new 12AX7-driven high gain preamp section which yields screaming dirty tones that make a mockery of its miniature frame. Like its bigger brothers, however, the Micro Dark's smoky black chassis and simple layout actually disguises its cunning versatility.

Of course, there's plenty of gain on tap to satisfy even the most discerning devotee of distortion, but this little beast is by no means just a one-trick Metal monster! Beneath the menacing exterior you'll find a rich and diverse pallette of classy and confident tones. From squeaky clean to brash and mean whatever your style you're gonna love this thing.

Other features include a transparent fully buffered effects loop and a headphone output with our popular CabSim circuitry. With the optional matching PPC108 speaker cabinet, the Micro Dark makes for a perfect portable practice rig which also mics up superbly in the studio. To properly shake things up however, plug into a full sized Orange PPC412 and unleash the full potential of this remarkable micro amp head.

Key Features:

The Micro Dark sports a new high gain circuit which blends valve and solid state technology. The preamp uses single 12AX7/ECC83 valve and produces a huge range of usable tones with warm cleans, smooth overdrive and fat, singing distortion. Its solid state output section puts out 20 Watts and can be can be paired with any 8 or 16 Ohm cabinet.

Orange's exclusive Shape control varies the midrange response while interacting with the bass and treble. Working from the 12 o'clock position, a subtle nudge to the left adds more midrange and smooths the highs. A clockwise notch or two reduces the mids and brightens the tone.

At the extremes the Shape's effect becomes even more pronounced, especially as you begin to push the Gain control. A scooped, thrashy voicing with an aggressive 'smiley face' EQ is easily achieved in the fully clockwise position, while turning fully anticlockwise boosts the mids, for a more classic 'bark'.

The Micro Dark's fully buffered, low impedance loop allows for any number of effects and cables to be patched in without sacrificing tone. It's incredibly transparent, meaning your pedal arsenal will perform to its absolute peak.

A popular feature on Crush Series amps, the headphone output includes the CabSim circuitry which faithfully emulates the sound of a mic'd Orange 412" cabinet loaded with Voice of the World speakers. Use headphones for silent practice or connect to a mixer/recording console to capture huge, authentic Orange tones in the studio.


Features: Single Channel Valve/Solid State Hybrid Amp Head, High Gain Preamp, Shape Control, Fully Buffered Effects Loop and Cavsim-loaded headphone output
Controls (Right to Left): Gain, Shape Volume
Finish Options:Matte Black Finish (Steel chassis)
Ootuput Power: 20 Watts max.
Speaker Output:1 X 8-16 Ohm Cabinet, rated at 20 Watts or greater
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D):16.5 13.5 X 9.5 cm (6.50 X 5.31 X 3.74")
Unboxed Weight: 0.78 Kg (1.72 lb)

The Perfect Mate for Your Micro Head - PPC108BK

Sharing the same iconic looks as Orange's larger stage-ready PPC cabinets, this miniature incarnation is the companion cab for the Micro Terror and Micro Dark. With an 8" Voice of the World speaker, this cabinet records remarkably well when paired with its matching amp head, delivering a punchy tone that has to be heard to be believed. A smart looking, smart sounding half stack that will fit on your sideboard: What's not to love? 

Features: 1 X 8" Micro Terror speaker cabinet
Speaker: 8" Voice of the World
Power Handling: 20-watts
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Finish:Black basket weave vinyl covering & signature orange grille cloth.
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D):26 X 26 X 16.5 cm (10.24 X 10.24 X 6.5")
Unboxed Weight: 4.05 Kg (8.93 lb)

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