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GAMEBOARD is a set of eight bulletin board components designed as companion pieces to Grades K - 5 GAMEPLAN.

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GAMEBOARD is a set of eight bulletin board components designed as companion pieces to Grades K - 5 GAMEPLAN.

GAMEBOARD is sold as a complete set of eight components, a total of 132 pieces. Each component is listed and explained below:

  • Xylophone Visual with 16 removable letters

The 35” X 20” visual may visualize pentatonic keys, isolate groups of pitches, or display scales or scale patterns. The teacher may demonstrate melodic or harmonic patterns, left or right hand sticking, and directionality.

  • Body Percussion Staff with 4 removable pieces

The 35”X20” body percussion staff may be used to create pulse ostinati to accompany poems, songs, or recorded music. The four levels of sound may be transferred to unpitched or pitched instruments, and the visual reinforces tracking left to right.

  • Solfege Ladder with 11 removable pieces

The 7”X35” solfege ladder is a tool for visualizing high and low, conducting melodic patterns, and creating scales. The reversible pieces allow the teacher to display any configuration isolating specific pitches.

  • Twenty-four barred instrument signs

The 12”X 5” signs identify each instrument. Those included represent a balanced instrumentarium as follows:

- Contra Bass Bars(1)

- Bass Xylophone(3)

- Bass Metallophone(1)

- Alto Xylophone(4)

- Alto Metallophone(2)

- Soprano Xylophone(3)

- Alto Glockenspiel(4)

- Soprano Glockenspiel(4)

  • Twelve Recorder Fingering Charts

The 7” X 17” charts reflect the Baroque fingering system and include the pitches C-E’ with F# and Bb

  • Eight Hand Signal Cards

The 7” X 7” cards represent the musical scale from Do to Do’ and provide a visual representation for students.

  • Thirty-Two Unpitched Percussion Cards

The 7” X 7” cards show the icon and name of the instrument and are categorized by family: wood (green), metal (blue), and skin (orange).

WOOD - cabasa - castanets - claves - guiro - log drum - maracas - piccolo blocks - rain stick - ratchet - temple blocks - vibraslap - whip - wood block

METAL - agogo bells - bell tree - cowbell - flex-a-tone - finger cymbals - gong - jingle bells - sleigh bells - suspended cymbal - tambourine - triangle - wind chimes

SKIN - bass drum - bongo drums - conga drum - djembe - hand drum - snare drum - timpani

  • Seventeen Music Symbol Cards

The 7” X 7” cards show the icon or abbreviation of common music symbols that help students learn about dynamics, expression, and score reading. Included are: - 1st and 2nd endings - accent - accelerando - crescendo - da capo - double bar - fermata - fine - forte - fortissimo - piano - pianissimo - repeat sign - ritardando - treble clef

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