We have everything you need for wherever your music takes you.

Classroom Music

Teaching the love of music to an early age is a reward in itself. Wouldn't it feel great to have taught a young Beethoven in your own classroom, or even a young Sachmo? Starting with well-designed instruments, we will take your students to the next level. Let them learn on the best.

Part of the Band

Get down to the brass tacks of acquiring a quality band instrument you can master. Craftsmanship and quality makes a difference in this industry, it even affects your sound. Nobody makes it easier to rent or purchase a band instrument than St. John's Music.

Timeless Pianos

Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, pianos are the ultimate form of expression. St. John's Music specializes in pianos and keyboards, along with everything else you need to express yourself with those keys.

Guitars & Drums

An all access pass to the gear you need, St. John's Music houses some of the best inventory on the market. If you are just learning to hold a pick, or you are breaking strings in front of massive crowds, you can always count on St. John's Music to have everything you need.

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